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Hi, I'd love to be able to help you change for the better. To help you do this, I offer an ethical, confidential, multifaceted approach to Hypnotherapy.

I'm passionate about helping people control their weight and use different approaches depending on the underlying reasons for being overweight. I am licensed to use Gastric Band Hypnosis and this is a proven method for losing weight and keeping it off by changing your mindset around food and healthy choices.

I am a Diabetic and have an avid interest in assisting Type 2 diabetics improve their general health and reliance on medication. I am currently developing The Hypno-Fast Program (TM) to do just that. Recent research has shown that fasting lowers insulin resistance and improves health in Type 2 clients. Weight loss is an added bonus of the fasting approach. Weight gain in Type 2 diabetics is rapidly being seen as a product of insulin resistance.

Getting on the Fast road to success is easy with Hypnosis.

I can help you overcome initial hunger issues and improve your motivation to exercise. Once you see how easy this becomes, there will be no turning back and you can look forward to a healthy future, free of diabetic complications.

Trials for the new program will take place in the summer and once the program has been fine tuned, it will be available to all clients.

Fasting is not just for diabetics, it is being promoted as a healthy way of life for everyone. Dr Michael Mosley (https://thefastdiet.co.uk) widely does this across the media and Dr. Jason Fung (https://www.dietdoctor.com) has published 2 books, with extensive research supporting the benefits.

Additionally the Diabetes website https://www.diabetes.co.uk endorses fasting and has many articles discussing the pro's and con's.

Gastric Band Hypnosis and Fasting are just 2 approaches that I use for weight control. However, there are many underlying reasons why people can gain weight and once I understand what might be causing it, I can tailor an approach to suit the individual. Even if neither of these is suitable. People can overeat because they are stressed, bored, feeling down, feeling happy or just unable to control temptation. All of these can be addressed.


My hypnosis training was done exclusively with the London College of Clinical Hypnotherapy (LCCH) in association with the University of West London. My studies have allowed me to attain a Post Graduate Certificate (PGCert) in Clinical Hypnotherapy. I continue my learning through Continuous Professional Development (CPD), regularly, as I believe the world does not stand still and constant research means the boundaries are always being pushed in the field of hypnotherapy.

In therapy, I incorporate a broad range of styles and approaches, tailored to suit you, the client. These include Hypnosis, NLP, EMDR and Ego State Therapy.

No two people are the same and I believe whole heartedly that all therapeutic interventions should be made to measure. There is no, off the shelf, 'cure all', that fits everyone.

My treatment plans start with a free, detailed discussion about what your requirements may be. This is normally on the telephone and may take up to 20 minutes.

During this consultation I will take extensive notes and we will agree what the goals are for any future sessions. I will use my notes to determine exactly what approach I believe will benefit you most, before the first session. Saving us time and allowing us to get straight on with the treatment. Of course, this initial consultation will also help us both determine whether I am the right therapist for you. This is important, if I believe a professional colleague is better suited for the condition in question, I will not hesitate to refer you.

My main practice is in Pirton, just outside Hitchin, but I can also be found at the Hitchin Chiropractic Clinic - Hitchin Chiropractic Clinic


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