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What’s it all about…

If you’ve never experienced clinical hypnosis before, then understandably, you could have many questions.

Let me try and answer some of those for you now…

Q) What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a natural state that everyone experiences at least twice a day. Just before you go to sleep and as you wake up in the morning. It’s not sleep, more a daydream, where you are completely relaxed and enjoying the images and scenes that are presented to you. This occupies your conscious mind whilst suggestions are given to your subconscious mind. The part of you that controls the things you don’t actively think about. Like breathing, blinking, any habits you may have etc. Many activities undertaken by your subconscious mind, are not instinctual and have been ingrained if you like, by conditioning. They may be old activities that are no longer required, or things you do that you no longer wish to do, but find it hard to stop. Hypnosis offers a quick way to retrain the subconscious mind into doing something different, or in a different way. 

Q) Can I get Stuck in Hypnosis?

The quick answer is ‘No’. If you were left in a deep state of hypnosis you would either, eventually come round quite naturally on your own, or you may even just drift off to sleep and enjoy the deepest sleep you might have had in a long time. Imagine drifting back to reality after a very pleasant daydream. If you are a driver and have ever experienced that feeling of arriving somewhere and not quite knowing how you got there, as if you were driving on auto pilot, then that is exactly it. Your subconscious mind had quite safely taken over while your conscious mind drifted off to somewhere else. You naturally came back into full consciousness yourself. Maybe a good few miles further along the motorway!

Q) Can I be made to do things I don’t want to do?

Again, no you can’t. Your subconscious mind is fully aware of right and wrong and any ludicrous suggestions would generate the same response, as if you were asked to do them when fully alert. You are always in full control and can open your eyes and terminate the session at any point. 

Q) How many sessions will it take?

Typically 3 to 4 sessions. However, this wholly depends on you, the client. How responsive you are to the hypnosis and the suggestions being utilised. My job is to guide you to somewhere you want to be. Your motivation and goal setting will determine how long that takes. With high motivation for instance, a stop smoking intervention, can be done in one session. But with other issues it can take a little longer.

Q) So what about the chicken thing?

Stage hypnosis is exactly that. A staged show. The ‘hypnotist’ will, prior to any show, vet their audience for willing candidates. The willing candidates will then be subjected to a few suggestibility tests and more importantly, their willingness to play along. How extrovert are they for instance. Shy people will never be chosen for a stage show. When the show begins people are dragged in to the flow of the event. Many not wanting to be shown up as ‘losers’ who ‘did not get hypnotised’.

Whilst it’s true, there are some people for which hypnosis is a deep somnambulistic state, for most people it is more a deep state of relaxation. You can react normally to any and every suggestion made to you. If you simply do not want to do something, you cannot be made to do it. Your subconscious mind will ensure that your in built, automatic reaction to a ludicrous suggestion, will kick in and protect you. 

I do not engage in stage hypnosis and use hypnosis for therapy not entertainment.

I hope that answers some of your questions, but you are always welcome to contact me with any other questions you might have or things you might want explaining a bit further.


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