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Losing weight with hypnosis

Managing weight loss is particularly effective with hypnotherapy. Using Hypnotherapy for weight loss means we get in touch with why the subconscious mind wants to keep you eating. During your free consultation we can investigate your thoughts on eating and help you understand why this happens.

Along with this, hypnosis can be utilised to increase your motivation to exercise, to the point where you actually enjoy it! We can help you reduce portion sizes and start to feel good about yourself.

We all know that dieting is not easy. Old habits die hard. That’s because your current way of life has become a behaviour and your subconscious has accepted that this is what you want to do. So it helps you do it. All the time. So we use hypnosis to make sure it understands what you now want to do and to continue down this path forever more.

That’s why willpower alone is often defeated. As soon as you stop dieting using willpower alone, your subconscious springs back and says “Ok, right. Have you stopped being silly now? Thank goodness, lets get back to where we were, doing what I know you really want to do. And just to be sure, we can put a little bit more weight on. Just in case you decide to be silly again!”

It’s called yo-yo dieting and I’m sure you’re familiar with that. Well, put simply, that’s why it happens.

That’s why those thousands of diet books and slimming clubs, never really work. Sooner or later the weight slips back on.

The key is to re-educate the subconscious mind, to realise that this is what you actually want to be, from now on.

However, this approach is not for everyone. You need to be at threshold and by that I mean really ready to make the change. Fed up with where you are now.

The key word there is ‘change’. You can’t change without changing.

I don’t have a magic wand to magic away the stuff you don’t want anymore.

I help you do it for yourself – by changing your mindset.

Are you ready?

Weight loss hypnosis

Ready now?

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“I know what you are going through. I’ve struggled with my own weight control for half my life. It wasn’t until I discovered that being a Type 1 Diabetic put me at a disadvantage. It made me evaluate all the research and tools I’d developed so that I could use them to provide a groundbreaking service to you, so you can see the weight drop off.”

Mindweave Hypnotherapy

What do you get…?

  • Learn how to really lose weight without dieting
  • Discover how to build a cast iron will power
  • Learn how to eat what you want without losing track of your goal 
  • What it means to exercise and love it
  • Understand human needs and how your mind has been trying to satisfy them by overeating.
  • The body you want!

Bonus content…

  • Ongoing audio programs and support from me
  • Access to a free Facebook group to share your success

Ready now?

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Will it work for me?

It’s true that most people don’t wake up one day and think that’s it I need to lose weight get me the hypnotist! You may have tried dieting or joining a gym. You may have joined other dieting programs. None of these address permanently altering your mindset. The tools I use and give you, are designed to do just that. If you use them there is no reason they won’t work. How will you make this work for you?

What if I have underlying health issues?

This is why we have a free consultation. We can discuss these and if necessary design things around whatever advice you have been given by a GP. I’ve helped a lot of people with all kinds of health issues.

Ready now?

To book your free strategy consultation...

Lose weight hypnotherapy


Even if the thought of exercise is a struggle, hypnosis can give you a new positive outlook. It can make you feel good about getting stronger and leaner. And that’s the trick. To be successful at this you have to have a positive goal to aim for, not a goal that relies on ‘losing’ something. The idea is to want to become someone who feels good, is happy with their progress and has a glowing self-esteem. Not someone who is trying to lose weight. ‘Try’ implies failure. Failure is built in to the process of trying. Trying means that you have left a door open for weakness. Say you are getting slimmer, or that you will fit into that pair of jeans, not that you are trying.

Virtual gastric band

At that time of life where you need some help losing some weight?

The Virtual Gastric Band is a very successful weight loss programme and might just be your answer.

With the news full of stories about obesity and weight related illnesses, this unique solution provides a non-diet, non-surgery approach to losing weight..

I am a licensed practitioner for The Virtual Gastric Band program. Which has helped many people lose weight with hypnotherapy*.

What exactly is a Virtual Gastric Band?

The Virtual Gastric Band is a lifestyle change offering a permanent solution to losing weight once and for all*, without the discomfort or fear of surgery. The aim is to become slimmer, fitter and healthier, becoming the shape and size you wish to be.

It works on a similar basis to the surgical version, where a band is placed around the top part of your stomach to create a small pouch, so that you feel fuller, quicker and therefore eat a lot less.

But at a vastly reduced cost. Surgical versions cost thousands of pounds.

What Might I Expect From A Virtual Gastric Band?

The aim is to stop comfort eating, bingeing and poor eating habits by using hypnosis for weight loss, to change the way you think about food.

If you are serious about losing weight, then The Virtual Gastric Band could be the answer you are looking for.

Is the Gastric Band for you? Yes, if you are fed up of dieting, have more than a stone to lose and want to build up your body confidence.

How does it work?

  • Four hypnotherapy sessions (one per week)
  • Support MP3 recordings to take home
  • 8 easy golden rules
  • Full Inter Session Support

Why not find out for yourself how easy this can be? Call for a chat and we can see if this is for you.

*Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person.

virtual gastric band
virtual gastric band hypnosis
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