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Managing weight loss is particularly effective with hypnotherapy. Using Hypnotherapy for weight loss means we get in touch with why the subconscious mind wants to keep you eating. During your free consultation we can investigate your thoughts on eating and help you understand why this happens.

Along with this, hypnosis can be utilised to increase your motivation to exercise, to the point where you actually enjoy it! We can help you reduce portion sizes and start to feel good about yourself.

We all know that dieting is not easy. Old habits die hard. That's because your current way of life has become a behaviour and your subconscious has accepted that this is what you want to do. So it helps you do it. All the time. So we use hypnosis to make sure it understands what you now want to do and to continue down this path forever more.

That's why willpower alone is often defeated. As soon as you stop dieting using willpower alone, your subconscious springs back and says "Ok, right. Have you stopped being silly now? Thank goodness, lets get back to where we were, doing what I know you really want to do. And just to be sure, we can put a little bit more weight on. Just in case you decide to be silly again!"

It's called yo-yo dieting and I'm sure you're familiar with that. Well, put simply, that's why it happens.

That's why those thousands of diet books and slimming clubs, never really work. Sooner or later the weight slips back on.

The key is to re-educate the subconscious mind, to realise that this is what you actually want to be, from now on.


Even if the thought of exercise is a struggle, hypnosis can give you a new positive outlook. It can make you feel good about getting stronger and leaner. And that's the trick. To be successful at this you have to have a positive goal to aim for, not a goal that relies on 'losing' something. The idea is to want to become someone who feels good, is happy with their progress and has a glowing self-esteem. Not someone who is trying to lose weight. 'Try' implies failure. Failure is built in to the process of trying. Trying means that you have left a door open for weakness.  Say you are getting slimmer, or that you will fit into that pair of jeans, not that you are trying.


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