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In-Person Therapy Sessions

We are offering safe, compliant and highly-effective in-person therapy sessions, bookable via WhatsApp.

Anxiety Hypnotherapy
Help with Anxiety, Trauma, Negative Emotions, Fear and Phobias
Help me feel better

How hypnotherapy can help you

We use hypnotherapy in Hertfordshire & London to:

  • Help you stop smoking easily
  • Take away fears and phobias
  • Ease stress and help you deal better with it
  • Make life less anxious and more enjoyable
  • Help you with weight control and transform your body image
  • Take control of pain
  • Deal with sleeping problems
  • Relieve Irritable Bowel Syndrome
    Build your confidence
Weight loss hypnotherapy
Lose weight with hypnotherapy
Help me lose weight
Stop smoking hypnotherapy
Stop smoking for good
Help me quit smoking


I have been able to restart my life again from when the anxiety first started. All within such a short period of time, without ongoing treatment or medication.

I just want to say thank you for helping me overcome my Post Traumatic Stress Disorder… I had no idea what to expect when we started therapy, but from the start you made me fully aware of what to expect and the treatment which you would be using to help me start my recovery. You made me feel in control, as you helped me through the healing process… Now you have literally given me back my confidence and I am back to my old self, which has been missing for quite a while…

When I first went to see Adrian my mind was racing with doubt and some uncertainty in regards to ‘ will this work’ – the doubt was wasted energy as it certainly did work…

I can’t thank Adrian enough for giving me my life back! I would have no hesitation in recommending him to friends and family…

I feel like a new woman. For the first time in my life I now have the skills and confidence to say no to people and not end up in situations that I will dread and feel anxious again….

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